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Title: Sew we meet again.
Pairings: Main: kaisoo (kai/kyungsoo), slight!Sebaek (sehun/baekhyun).
Genre: fluff, romance
Rating: NC13
Author: tofuticktacks (LJ)
Length: (entire fic) 14,400 words (this chapter) 2,471
Disclaimer: I do not own the boys, just the plot.
Summary: As it turns out, Jongin’s encounter with the young tailor he orders a suit from one day, would run a little further on down the line than simply collecting the garment three weeks later.
A/N; dreamwidth

Hands delicately clutching the stems of a ranunculus and apple blossom bouquet, Kyungsoo took glances the formally-clad crowd roaming the outside of the theatre entrance and dug his face deeper into his woolen scarf to glare at the offending building.
Why didn’t this place have a decent sized reception hall? It’s almost Decemberfor crying out loud!

Kyungsoo was making use of his free performance tickets, courtesy of designing and making costumes for the main dancers. He’d never really been to a proper performance since he was a child, not that he could remember that, and even then it was nowhere near as deluxe as this one would probably be, so he was quite excited.-The dancers were bound to be the most talented in Seoul, picked out from the best in various dancing academies and programs around the area.

Plus; his work would be on display for his first professional project ever which made him feel both bursting with happiness and a little bit nauseated at the same time.

“We still waiting?” mumbled Sehun, who had returned from his venture to the refreshment stand, from behind him, nudging the kyungsoo with a glass mug of mulled wine and taking the flowers from his grip.

Kyungsoo took it graciously, marvelling the warmth caressing his finger tips.

“Yup,” he sighed, pressing the mug to his frosty cheeks.

Sehun grumbled quietly, shifting the weight on his feet and taking a sip of his hot chocolate.
“Where’s Baek?”


“Ah, all-nighter coffee fest still doing its thing?”

“Apparently so,” the shorter chuckled and sipped his drink, enjoying the warm spices on his tongue.

After about five minutes of mindless chatter, they were finally allowed to enter the performance hall.

It was massive of course, rows upon rows of red velvet seats facing a dark wooden stage, the royal blue curtain still undrawn.
The walls were decorated with beautiful carvings of various floral patterns and fairy lights, twisting like vines across the surface.
The ceiling was monumentally high, coated with mushroom-shaped forms to prevent echoing.

Balcony seats hung over metres from their heads, just looking up at them made him feel dizzy.

If he’d ever felt small before, this trumped each and every one of those times.

Sehun didn’t spend long gazing in awe at the set-up and quickly traipsed up the stairs after checking their seat number.

Kyungsoo hurried to catch up with him. Sadly, Sehun, in his lanky teenage glory, was capable of strides that practically equated to Kyungsoo’s entire body length. Thankfully, after a ludicrous amount of effort, Kyungsoo did eventually manage to shuffle awkwardly past the teen toward his seat.

Baekhyun soon joined them, taking a seat beside Sehun, looking slightly winded.

“Thirsty,” he choked quietly, eyeing Sehun’s hot chocolate.
“You can’t be fucking serious,” the youngest retorted, “you only just got all that coffee out your system.”

“But I just ran all the way over here! Nobody told me there would be, like, eleven million stairs to climb and-“


“Respect your godamn elders you little shi-“

Kyungsoo clapped his hand over Baekhyun’s mouth, “as much as I love your cute little arguments guys, we’re in a theatre,” gesturing to all of the surrounding patrons who had thankfully not noticed their commotion yet.

Baekhyun shut his mouth apologetically but continued to stare like a kicked puppy at the seat in front of him.

Sehun sighed and poked Baekhyun’s cheek with the mug. Baekhyun looked confused for a moment, before proceeding to smile crescent-eyed back at the younger.

“I’m not going with you if you need to go half way through though.”

Baekhyun nodded at him, and started staring down at the liquid in front of him as if it were molten gold.

Kyungsoo turned his attention back to the front just as smooth violins and Christmas-esque tinkling bells sounded the beginnings of what his booklet informed him was the nutcracker; overture.

Act I scene VII

A dark cloaked figure enters the stage, moving in a cat-like prowling grace on the balls of his feet, cloak hood pulled down to eclipse half of his face.

His nonchalant straight-lipped expression quickly curves into a mirthful smirk as he pirouettes to face the audience, still half-hidden.
He performs a series of leaping-spinning actions; his movements creating an arrangement of turbulently ruffled fabric sounds amplified in the placid hall, whipping the ebony cape around dramatically.

Suddenly he grabs at the cloth, ripping it off his form and hurtling it somewhere into the orchestra pit.

The smirk he emits just then would slash straight through the unfortunate receiver’s soul.

Jongin strode back to the dressing rooms, lips twisted in a manic grin of self-accomplishment. He pulled at the bow-tie of his costume unaware of the plaster of sweat currently coating his body in his sudden fixation of awe.

The rough slap to his back caught him by surprise, almost launching him two feet into the air and choking on oxygen.

“DAYUM BOY and I thought I should have been disappointed that you didn’t get the prince role. You pull off evil characters so much better you sexy motherfucker, the casters of this shit are geniuses!” sing-songed Taemin, his hip hop/popping-locking dance buddy, from beside him.

“You have no idea how shitting proud of you I am right now,” Taemin said seriously wrapping his arm over Jongin’s shoulders.
Jongin simply chuckled at the boy and reciprocated the arm movement, “thanks Taem.”

His insides, however, glowed and flared with the warmth of pride. Being acknowledged by a high-achieving best friend is one of the best feelings there is.

Yixing; another of his hip hop/ popping-locking, yet more free-styling dance buddies, appeared in front of them smiling warmly at Jongin and pulling him into a hug, “wow well done Jongin! Never think I’ll ever be seeing ballet in the same light again... I didn’t know you could make it kind of, intimidating? Sexy?-That was seriously impressive.”

And suddenly the warmth was pushing at his seams; a small stream of tears fell down from his eyes.

“Awww Jonginnie..” Taemin cooed joining in the hug and crushing the other two boys.

They ended up a pile of laughing, squeezing and spluttering sobs in their own little world, ignoring the slight hustle and bustle of people passing through the dressing room into the hallway.

Taemin pulled out after a few minutes, fishing for his phone and hooking Jongin under his arm again. Yixing chuckled and looped his arm over Jongin’s other shoulder, squishing his face right in next to a tear-tracked cheek.
Taemin snapped the picture and immediately turned it over to see their result.

A red-eyed Jongin giving a bright watery smile sandwiched between two wide grinning proud hyungs stared back at him on the screen.

“It’s perfect,” Taemin uttered fondly.

“Were there mouse ears on that hood-cape thing?”


“Thought so, haha they looked so cute!”

“Weird though,” Sehun sipped at his third cup of hot chocolate, “I hardly noticed with the way the guy looked like he was going to slaughter the entire audience.”
“It’s called acting, Hun’, antagonists are supposed to do that,” Baekhyun turned to the boy on his tip-toes to steal a swig of the drink himself.

Sehun pouted at him and batted his face away with the program pamphlet he was previously flicking through.

Baekhyun smiled cheerfully at the disgruntled teen before turning his attention back to Kyungsoo,
“hey Soo’, what are we busy waiting here for?”

“All these people to leave.”

As much as he wanted to simply walk over backstage to greet Jongin, there were too many people swarming around the place for him to even be able to spot the guy.

Kyungsoo had taken the bouquet back from Sehun and was, again, shifting it nervously in his hands. He was well aware that giving a performer roses was more conventional; but he wanted something different, something that held more meaning. So a collection of snowy peach apple blossoms and sunset spectrum ranunculus flowers stemmed out of his hands instead.

Baekhyun simply scoffed at him, offering no more complaints.

After around twenty minutes, most of the crowd had filed out, only what were presumably proud family members remained.

Jongin was now very easily spotted; the dancer was chatting and laughing animatedly to a tall elf-eared man whom of which had a very loud booming voice.

Kyungsoo started to take baby steps toward the two tall figures, staring intently at the back of Jongin’s head.

 Sehun and Baekhyun tottered after him slowly.

The ridiculously tall guy noticed him first, sending him a smile and a friendly “Hello there.”

Kyungsoo’s eyes flickered up at him and back to Jongin, who had now turned to face whoever it was his friend was addressing.
A smile stretched across the younger’s face when he recognised Kyungsoo,
“hey hyung, So you did come?”

Kyungsoo smiled back and nodded shyly, “it was really good, well done Jongin.”

Jongin laughed embarrassedly , “thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed it.”
He then turned slightly to the side and poked the tall mans chest, “this here is Chanyeol. He’s my dad’s secretary.”

“But really more of your personal ‘teenage problems’ rant councillor,” Chanyeol interjected matter-of-factly, extending his hand at Kyungsoo, who shook it lightly and offered a small smile.

“Shut up you just love teasing me about it all the time,” Jongin glared up at the man, who simply laughed at him in response.

“So I’m guessing you’re that costume designer Kyungsoo then huh?” Chanyeol asked.

So apparently Jongin talks about me to his friends then, huh? Interesting.

“Yes. It’s nice to meet you Chanyeol-shii.”

“God Jongin you were right he is adorable.”

Kyungsoo’s cheeks flared, eyes bugging out into full moons, forming a few unintelligible murmuring noises.

And apparently also calls me ‘adorable’ in front of said friends. Sweet jesus.

Jongin promptly choked on oxygen, “Did you really have to- goddamn he’s embarrassed now you asshole!”

Chanyeol chortled at Jongin for a few seconds, before turning back to Kyungsoo, “sorry if I made you uncomfortable. But you really just- are, y’know?”
“And you have no fucking filter!”

“it’s okay,” Kyungsso mumbled in a small voice, still unsure what to think.

But suddenly somebody was poking his back, he swivelled around to see Sehun staring down at him with his usual perpetually bored expression,
“Hyung, did you forget about us?” he whined.

“And what the hell are you blushing for?” Baekhyun asked.

Ignoring the latter’s question, Kyungsoo pulled the both of them forward, “Uh, well, this is Baekhyun- Jongin you’ve see him before, he goes to the same uni as me with the same subject and is my co-worker. “

Baekhyun smiled widely and waved and them both.

“And he is Sehun, my, uh, childhood friend and roommate”

Sehun sent both Jongin and Chanyeol a polite nod.

“Ahh so you’re the Disney-deprived guy?” Jongin noted sympathetically.


“That situation will be remedied soon though don’t worry,” Kyungsoo consoled mockingly with a chuckle, “these two are Jongin and his friend Chanyeol.”

Chanyeol shook both of their hands with a smile of his own.

“Soo’, aren’t you forgetting about something?” Baekhyun grinned motioning toward the flowers in his arms.

“Huh? Oh!” Kyungsoo held them up at Jongin, “these are for you.”
Jongin looked down at the flowers with a warm smile, taking them from Kyungsoo’s hold.

“Thanks hyung, they’re lovely.”

“No problem, you’ve worked hard Jongin.”

Jongin lifted up his head to face Kyungsoo and give him a smile, “how are you guys getting home?”

“We, uh, were just gonna take the subway,” Kyungsoo responded, a little confused.

“Want to come with us for Samgyeopsal? We can drive you guys home afterward.”

Kyungsoo peered at Baekhyun and Sehun to gather their opinions, Sehun looked like his usual nonchalant self but didn’t seem to be resenting the idea and Baekhyun was giving him a thumbs up, beaming.
Kyungsoo turned to face Jongin again and shrugged, “why not?”

“Aren’t there supposed to be, like, after parties for big performances or something?” Kyungsoo mused while they strolled over to the restaurant.

Jongin shrugged at him, “I expect there probably is one but not one of those special ones you have to attend because the press will be there or anything. To be honest I’d rather celebrate with friends than co-workers anyway though.”

Kyungsoo replied with a thoughtful hum.

The streets were bustling as usual, people meandering and navigating their way around each other hastily, trying desperately to escape the biting winter’s night air.
Numerous illuminated shop signs and streetlights create a pleasant gentle glow about the area, making everything seem warm and homely despite the temperature.

Jongin was suddenly regretting his choice of clothing. He had opted to just throw a thick(ish) jumper over his stage clothes, but didn’t bring a jacket or a scarf.

He didn’t realise the walk from the car to the restaurant could take so long.

The other four parties walked alongside him, Baekhyun and Chanyeol in a heated debate over some new action movie that Jongin didn’t care to listen out for the name of. Sehun was hanging off Baekhyun like a cat on a radiator, presumably in the same clothing predicament he was in.
Kyungsoo was just silently strolling along, glancing around at their surroundings; examining their beauty as if he rarely got the chance to see the streets of Seoul like this.

The lights refracted in his big round eyes, like stars on the dark irises.

He was all bundled up in a puffy jacket and a huge knitted scarf, looking all cosy and warm but also looking so goddamn cute at the same time.

He was like a fucking kitten burrowed in tons of blankets and pillows
And- clearly this obsession is kind of getting out hand now.

He briefly wondered whether these feelings were normal for a simple crush, Is it not a little creepy or something?

Having not been very versed with this kind of infatuation before, not really, he had absolutely no idea how to answer those questions.
He’d probably have to ask Chanyeol later, even if the bastard had practically fucking confessed everything he had meticulously tried to suppress since he last saw Kyungsoo.

 “Jongin?” the soft voice came from beside him, breaking him from his thoughts and dissipating the frown he hadn’t noticed was marring his face.

“Sorry, yes hyung?”

Kyungsoo chuckled at him faintly, expelling little puffs of vapour in the cold air.


“Nothing, nothing,” Kyungsoo replied, “aren’t you cold?”

“We’re almost there. I’ll live.”

Three torturous minutes later, the gang entered the grilling restaurant, a current of heated air washed over Jongin as he slid through the doorway.

That’s the stuff, he thought blissfully, lingering a stray second longer under the heat.

a/n: This chapter is kind of short, I couldn't really find a logical way of dividing them all up that would keep each chapter the same length so yeah. I may be adding a little more to chapter 3 before I post it (it seemed like I ended it too quickly). So yeah, hope that'll be alright.
Again, anything you can find for my to improve would be brilliant, I'd love to try and improve as a writer.
Thank you for reading!!

Next chapter~~~>
Chapter 1
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